Helping you to

achieve success

I have heard this catch line before, but with McLicense it was the first time that we indeed achived success on many business levels, and on some even way beyond our expectations.

Malis Merton CEO

To be successful is not to be as we always were, but to adjust, improve, eliminate, discard, and test our believe system; implement and reorganize, and once we think we are done we do it all over again once more.

To think “Outside the box” is not work but a lifestyle.

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From top

to bottom and crisscross

To look in one direction; from top to bottom or vis versa isn`t enough to understand the complexity of an existing structure; not only do we evaluate in all directions, but also from close and afar. What use to inspect a tree from close if you can not see the forest in its intirety?

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Your vision

creates the future

A future vision is the picture of what is to come; what is to be. To have a vision and to shape that vision needs not only a visionary perse; it needs a base to stand on and character to envision oneselfs transformation in the process. Its our job to help make that vision a reality and be there every step of the way.

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1,2,3 or 3,1,2 and 1 again, or all at once?

Paving the way to success

In some established industries change is neither welcome nor easy or fast, while the competition may move fast and catches ground way better. A timeline is crutial and to cut it short it does require efforts on all levels at the same time. Outstanding communication, ability and willingness to transform is key and the prerequisite from the very start.

Putting myself last

My vision was my vision alone until I found the words to create that vision in my people also. From mine it became ours. The moment i put myself last in that vision i knew it would be a success.

Putting myself last

Security is not everything

I have learned that the less security i seek, the more security i receive? Paradox? Maybe, but I trust in my people and our ability to reach our goals. Trust is all we need.

Security is not everything

Not looking back

After I welcomed us in the now, the yesterday disappeared forever and the tomorrow lost its meaning.

Not looking back

Lasting success

We did it! Not once, no, every day again.

Lasting success

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IQ or EQ – What makes a visionary

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