What makes a visionary?

With the revolution of our tec world came also changes on how we perceive our IQ. At the beginning was the question why some people with a lesser IQ are more successful then people with a high IQ. It then became the theorie of the EQ or emotional quotient. The EQ relates to the understanding of feelings and emotions and their source, while the IQ, or intelligence quotient, is more related to the cognitive ability to think and reason.

With certain exceptions we all have those “2” brains. But, yes, to a very different degree.

“The dreamer creates the impossible, the thinker the doable”

This quote would suggest that EQ is by far superior to IQ. But is that really the case?

“The tomorrow is a dream, the now is real”

Another quote which may be best to sum up which of the two IQ/EQ have more relevance.

The tomorrow is for the EQ, the today for the IQ. This is of course not true in every case, while the out of balance scenarios of the two is either a tremendous potential for creation in its best, or on the other hand bound to destruct.

EQ is strongly related to social skills, judgement on the other hand more related to IQ.
Nowadays corporation look for a strong EQ base in its employees on any level but especially for a management position.
Certainly also the IQ is tested and evaluated, but if the one or the other in a certain degree is missing the chances to get the job are slim.
Its said that high EQ gets you the job, low IQ gets you fired.

The reason is obvious. The social skills associated with EQ help to manage the staff or help to interact with collegues, and is important to evaluate relationships, and how other people feel.
While the IQ leaves out all the above and concentrates more on fluent reasoning and quantitative.

This is usually also a reason why people with a high IQ earn more money then people with a high EQ.

People with a high EQ for example are more likely to delay gratification, which means that they invest into a project, like extra working hours, and donĀ“t expect gratification right away, rather then at the end of a successful project.

A longterm successful visionary does need both on a high level, but foremost a high EQ. The why is now left to your imagination (May the above help) , also because a visionary or future visionary will know the answer at once.

The good news: EQ can be learned; not so much IQ, while maintained, is equally lasting.